An Online Journey: Engaging in the Social World

I can remember logging into Facebook for the first time, my sophomore year of high school. I had just come back from a formal with my friends and decided to make the transition from MySpace. While all of my friends hadn’t jumped on the Facebook bandwagon yet, I decided to explore. A little over one thousand friends later, I look back on those first few months on Facebook with nostalgia. It was filled with countless albums, photo comments and status updates. I had so much fun participating in an online community that was organized, efficient and engaging. Since then I have widened my social media network to include a Twitter account, Linkedin profile, G+ account and more. The powerful affects of such real time interaction weren’t immediately obvious to me. Not until I went away to college did I realize the importance and benefits of being able to talk with other people in the online community to share ideas, experiences and opportunities. In the future, I see the growing value of websites such as Twitter and Linkedin as aiding those engaged in the job-hunting process. I believe my presence on the aforementioned sites will only continue to grow as the benefit of my interactions becomes increasingly pertinent to my career success after I graduate from Syracuse University. Using networking sites in job hunting and hiring is becoming more and more popular; however, I believe that if marketers and customers haven’t already noticed, there is just as valuable a space for consumers in the online world. Social media allows companies to engage with their customers and audience on a more intimate and immediate level. If that isn’t a social engagement benefit that will continue to grow, I don’t know what is.

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