Meet My Family -COM346

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    With every challenge to a stereotype comes the creation of a new 1D stereotype. Will they ever be completely removed? #meetmyfam346
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    @slough44 I think the problem is that if only these traditional roles are shown, people who don’t fit feel “wrong” #meetmyfam346
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    True, there are many stereotypes that the “traditional” family represents, but what are the negative aspects of this practice? #meetmyfam346
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    We always use Modern Family as an example of breaking stereotypes – even this show still conforms to traditional gender roles #meetmyfam346
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    At what age do women fall into their domesticated role? Those outside the established schemas are considered outliers #meetmyfam346
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    I like the idea of a blog – young people starting a family can interact to find new ideas, etc. #meetmyfam346
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    Very interesting theory as to show how comodification affects the son and daughter of every family portrayed in media. #meetmyfam346
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    Seems as though men are grooming their sons to continue the domination of genders as they get older. #meetmyfam346
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    Typically the father has low involvement in the tv fam, but he’s the strongest authority in the house #meetmyfam346 #com346
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    Is modern family considered more modern than most families? Even if the mom is strict and the dad is fun. #meetmyfam346
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    There’s a slew of schemas and stereotypes that make up our definition of family #meetmyfam346 #com346
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    Excited to have modern family writer and @NewhouseSU alum @DannyZuker deliver the keynote address this year!
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    Being Chinese. Or maybe I’m Korean? Filipino? Vietnamese? – Michelle talks about her identity as an Asian…
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    Visit us on our Facebook page, Meet My Family!
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    An extended family. – Rebecca Townsend talks about her “extended” family. I was raised in a blended family…
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    Photo: Is this what your family looks like? I highly doubt it. Don’t let the media ever tell you what your…
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    Being Indian. – Simran Adnani gives shows a slice of her life as a part of an Indian family living in the…
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    Massive characteristics & crazy characteristics. – Clair Kozik talks about her family dynamics. My family is…
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    Not so typical lifestyle. – An mini biography told by Alison Neufang about her “not so typical lifestyle.”…
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    We all have a unique family dynamic that makes us who we are. This is a haven where you share&learn about your unique family. #MeetMyFamily

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